Let’s get to the point, I know your time is valuable. In this post, I am going to go over how you present your content in a way that’s appealing to you and to your clients.

This is a strategy I have been using the past few months, I noticed I had been using my social media for the same things and in the same way for a very long time and I wanted to change the way I was producing content. If you are starting out on social media or you want to upgrade the quality of your content, keep reading.

Step #1: Pay attention

It looks simple but we often forget about this one.

We want to be visible and we want to reach a wide range of people but we don’t pay attention to the type of content we are creating. Let me know in the comments if every time you put your content out there, you get 0 interactions and 0 views.

We are fixing that today.

The first step in to pay attention, which means, ¿What do you want to talk about? ¿What are you interested in? ¿What kind of content are you browsing? ¿What type of advice do people ask from you? ¿What compliments do people make you?

Step #2: Follow the Leader

If you have a product or a service, you have competence. However, we are not going to see them as the competition but rather as role models. Find people who are creating the same type of content you want to make, this will give you the hints to success. Because success always leaves hits, you only have to follow them. How are they structuring their posts or content? What are they including in their images or campaigns? How is people reacting to that content? What do comments say?

How would you improve it?

Step #3: 

Do not get stuck in vanity metrics (followers, likes..), if these are not translating into sales, more often than not they don’t mean much and in any case, will create a false impression of growth.

Share your content,

Pat attention to what is working,

Pay attention to what is receiving a better response,

And create more content around what is really working in your blog or social media channel.


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