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You probably already know that Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are owned by the same person and every time these platforms fall, that reminds us of the importance of not putting “all eggs in the same basket”. You do not own these platforms and the day their updates stop aligning with your business, you lose all your followers, customers and audience. It reminds us of the importance of having a plan B to protect us in case everything falls: a list of emails.

And the # 1 way to build an email list is through a voluntary subscription (opt-in), a sales magnet or overall exchanging their contact for information.

The idea is that you provide information (let’s say for free, although you will actually exchange it FOR their contact information) and they provide you with their contact. And that is why you want to make sure that your sales magnet or your offer is juicy enough for them to want to exchange it for their contact information.

Did you notice I created a guide to help you sell more easily?

Regardless of whether you offer this information in a PDF format, free video or audio training … you need to make sure whatever you are going to create, it is what your audience ABSOLUTELY wants to download. Not only that, distribute it with intention. It makes no sense to write a publication on “how to detoxify your body with an alkaline diet” and then offer a sales magnet on “5 reasons why your plants do not survive inside the house”. That just won’t work.

How you are going to distribute it depends on the type of business you have. I propose some options:

Your Facebook page / group
Your web page
In the biography of your Instagram

And here are some email marketing software options to collect emails:


I trust that you will investigate and decide which one best suits what you need.


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