The secret to making amazing photos with a mobile phone is very easy to discover, you don’t need a master’s degree in photography to make a quality photo.

In addition to just aiming and shooting, here are the 6 tricks you should keep in mind.

# 1 – Avoid using Flash

This is the base of all the bases, the first rule and the most important. Natural light creates a richer and more natural image, so avoid using the flash unless it is absolutely necessary. If what you need is extra light, take the picture near a window or look for other light sources, such as lamps.

# 2 – The Golden Hour

Speaking of natural light, there is a time in the day where the sun is low and covers everything with a gold-colored filter, this happens just before nightfall. The Golden Hour gives a specific light, you can use the direction of the sun at this time to create specific effects, such as making the shadows look softer and longer.

This is a warmer light that benefits, above all, portrait photography since this ‘golden’ tone is the most flattering in skin tones and its soft tone is more tolerant on the face.

# 3 – If it’s with people, better

‘Photographs of people receive 38% more attention than photographs without them’ (Georgia Tech, 2014). Taking into account the first rule (use natural light), you will have to decide what you are going to put in the background and what angle could give you an interesting image. Some mobile phones even include a ‘portrait’ mode, which optimizes light and focus.

# 4 – UFF Too much light!

An overexposed image is an image with excessive light. There is nothing you can do to fix a photo with excessive light, there is no app or edition that saves it. To avoid this, before taking the photo, touch the brightest part of the image to adjust the lighting and avoid overexposure.

# 5 – The composition of the photo

This refers to all the elements of the photo. One of the best known principles of composition is the rule of thirds, and it is about balancing all those elements. Divide the image into a 3×3 grid, this aligns the objects, creates balance and centers the photo. The main object of the photo should be where the lines intersect.

To practice, activate your camera’s grid lines in Settings → Camera → Grid

# 6 – Your point of view

If you are one of those who keep the mobile phone at eye level when taking a photo, this tip is for you. Try shooting from a different perspective, from above or below, or even get down on your knees. Experience other angles, the best photos are always unexpected and different!

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