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How to highlight what makes you different

What do you have that’s uncommon or rare? How strange are you or what strange things do you do?

Surely you have identified or can identify which features of your behavior attract the most attention, or which are a bit more extravagant or surprising. Or maybe you could identify or have identified what you do in uncommon ways for what is considered usual or normal.

What do you consider to be ‘your own’ or characteristic of you?

Admit it, those oddities are not so terrible and it happens to all of us.

So how to stand out? How do you make sure that one person finds you and chooses you over the rest?

The good news is that here are 3 things I work on with my students that you can start doing today to start highlighting your oddities:

1.Let your personality be highlighted in what you write.
Easier said than done, right? Tips:

  • Once you have written the text, read it out loud, does it sound like you? And if it doesn’t sound like you would normally talk, what would you change?
  • Decide what you want to write, switch on the recorder on your mobile phone and talk! It is easier to start writing without the weight of a blank paper in front of you. Then transcribe the recording, organize the information, and there you have it!

2. Let people find you.
In the same way that you would not trust or collaborate with someone you do not know and does not show his/her face, do not expect other people to do it either.
Use social networks to build that trust and to regularly share valuable content with them.

Become visible so that when someone needs your services, immediately think of you for being more than accustomed to seeing your face and your name on social networks.

3. Talk to your audience.
Know who you want to reach, what is your problem and how can you help them? Having a clear idea of ​​who you are talking to will help you know how to reach them and impact them with what you offer.

Highlighting your oddities is not impossible and every day is an opportunity to do so!


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