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Social media as a manifestation tool

The main idea is that if you have ever searched or attended a course on how to grow quickly on social media, you are not understanding very well what it means to build a personal brand.

Instead of focusing on which hashtags to use,

(Yes, know your hashtags, don’t worry, I will teach you how to use them in my course),

But instead of putting all your energy there, start directing that energy to be present in your body and your space, and to feel aligned with what you believe. Start creating from there.

That is what will grow your community.

Because when you share from a place of concern, of ‘I don’t know if this is what I should share’, or because you ‘must’ do it, the whole process becomes stressful and the other person is going to realize that, don’t forget that there is a human on the other side of the screen that collects the energy that you are putting.

So don’t try to find a unique process to grow on Instagram because it doesn’t exist, there are as many processes as there are people and it’s okay to take pieces that inspire you from here and there, and apply them your way. Each of us is already a brand and people look for us on social networks as soon as they have heard our names, wouldn’t it be better that they find the most authentic representation of our values ​​there?

I am here to tell you that this is possible and to give you the tools, but it is up to you and your creativity to align them with who you are, because social networks have no energy whatsoever except what you give them. And if you have a business (online or physical), you need to make learning about social media a priority, and you need to develop a new relationship with them, let them be easy.

How are you making sure there is an ongoing conversation about what you do in the world?

Need help? I teach you how to transform your way of communicating as an entrepreneur using your intuition and creativity, and social networks, so that you can take your personal brand to the next level, in this online course.

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