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How to have a positive Instagram experience

Start by asking yourself how social media is affecting you. This is the thing, your relationship with social media has more to do with you than with your social media. And since your networks are neutral tools and what matters is the energy you put into them, here are 4 things you can start doing to transform your experience and the way you create and interact with its content.

# 1 – Your feed is your home.

And like your house, your feed must be cleaned. Clean up your social media by  unfollowing and muting accounts that don’t serve you, and choose to follow accounts that inspire or teach you something. What you consume impacts you on a subconscious level: be intentional with what you consume.

# 2 – Connect with your purpose.

Why is it important for you to be present on social media? What is the force that drives you to have an online presence? And how can networks help you achieve that purpose? What happened, if you stopped having a prosperous relationship with social media, is that you are not clear about your goals in relation to your social media.

# 3 – Share what makes you feel good.

Instead of waiting to have everything ‘ready’ or ‘perfect’, or any other excuse you’re telling yourself for not appearing online, create content that makes you feel good. For a moment stop thinking about others when sharing content, stop thinking about the ‘likes’ you might have or how the photo will look on your profile. The most important thing is that you always try to reflect yourself in your content.

# 4 – Take a break from social media

You must put limits on your social media experience if you want to create a prosperous relationship with them. Instead of blaming your social media for draining your energy, take responsibility for the content you are consuming and the time you spend doing it. Here are two examples you can start implementing today:

Take the photo and leave your phone, and enjoy the moment. It is important to capture the moment and live it. You will edit or share the photo later when you are bored at home.
If you see something on social media that does not make you feel good, close the application and distract yourself with something else instead of continuing to consume content trying to bury what you have seen under more content.

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