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What to post when you don’t feel like posting

Creating original, attractive, and authentic content every-single-day is not easy.

Especially with the amount of information that already exists and the pressure to generate something different, and of quality, within the daily deadline that we set ourselves: the digital world waits for no one, not even for us perfectionists.

When you run out of ideas, feel uninteresting, or reluctant, these 4 tips will help you remove your creative block.

# 1 – Let someone else say it for you

You have a wonderful tool in your Instagram stories that allows your followers to ask you questions. Use the questions they ask to create content around it or ask them directly what they would like to see from your content.

In the same way, pay attention to the comments of your posts. I’m not talking about the number of comments but the content of those comments: they will give you clues about the questions your followers have and the type of content they want to see.

A great advantage of these three options is that they offer you the opportunity to improve the relationship between your brand and your followers, you are involving them in the creation of content!

# 2 – Statistics are your friends

Instagram statistics allow you to order your content from most popular to least popular, this data speaks for itself. If you can’t think of new ideas to create content, repeat, insist, and remember them that your product is here: create content based on your most popular posts.

This, in addition, can be a good entry point for someone who has just followed you and has just come across your content for the first time, what better way than with content that you already know works?

# 3 – Join the # conversation

Get inspired by the news of the day in your industry and create a post on a topic currently being discussed.

Find out if it is International Yoga Day or Nature Appreciation Day, if it is relevant to you, it can give you ideas on what content to create that day. You can check this out on Days Of The Year, which has a simple and clear listing, or on Forekast, where trending topics are voted by the community.

# 4 – Repair, recycle and reuse

Remember that opening your networks gives you access to hundreds, if not thousands, of other people’s ideas. There is so much information that the probability that you remember everything you have seen or read is very low. So don’t assume that because you already talked about x in that post or about y in this other one, you can’t repeat it.

In the world of content creation, it is sometimes good to look back. Go back to the content you’ve already made – I mean the really old content – and see what worked well. Take it and adjust it to make it new and relevant.

You can imitate tone or format, approach from a new angle, or change the subject – for example, if your post about Lemon essential oil was successful, try approaching Peppermint essential oil in the same way.

Maybe there is an idea out there that didn’t have the exposure it deserved: dust off, give it a fresh coat of paint, and voila!

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