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6 must-have apps for productivity and learning

We have almost unlimited access to resources and tools, but we also have unlimited access to every distraction you can imagine. These are the app I use weekly, if not daily, which will help you organize your time and your projects, and which are designed to make your life easier.


This website (which is also an app you can download) selects articles for you based on what you like. Every morning I spend 15-20 minutes reading articles in Medium, and because I have used it for so long, the app already knows which content I am interested in, which is important for me because I don’t have to spend time looking for them myself.


Later is a tool for scheduling content. You can plan out a week’s (or even a month’s) worth of content and schedule it so it published automatically on Instagram, without you having to do this manually. With the paid version you can even schedule your Instagram stories!

Trello o Milanote

Two very useful tools especially if you are working on a project alongside more people or if you like to plan your content ahead. You can just share access between the team and easily work in one project together.
Plus, you can personalize your board and divide it into sections, for several projects. You can assign tasks to every person, add notes and comments, deadlines, and much more. This way you can make sure to stay on top of everything you are working on.


These are freelance services that people offer to everyone around the world. You can hire someone to make your logo, a video, an animation, an ad, who helps you with programming, design, marketing, tech… and so much more. It’s useful for when you need help with something specific yet it’s not worth hiring someone full-time or even part-time. You can go to Fiverr and find an expert to do the job for you in a couple of days.


This platform lets you send money in different currencies to different countries. I use it for payments and withdrawals in foreign countries. They have very minimal bank commissions and work pretty much in every country.

Here they are. The 6 apps I am using to help me save time, achieve my goals, and plan my content.

¡Let me know in the comments what are your must-have apps! Is there something am I missing? I am always searching for new tools to add to my toolbox😊

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