Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a blog post?

Of course, you can request a blog post topic! If there is anything that I haven’t written about, please feel free to message me and share your idea! I love to give you credit over on Instagram too!

What platform do you use to run your blog?

I use WordPress.org as website platform, and I honestly believe this is the best option if you want to own a website.

It’s amazing for customization – from the very beginning, you can pick from thousands of themes (a theme is the appearance that your website is going to have). You can manage it yourself without needing a website developer. And the SEO is simple enough for any beginner to tackle.

Plus, I think that it outperforms any other free platform that you could use. Also, when I crash my website, I can easily find tutorials on YouTube on how I to fix it myself.

So yeah. I’m obsessed with WordPress. But let’s keep moving.

Which website Hosting service do you use?

I use Hostinet but I believe their website is only available in Spanish so other options are Bluehost or AWS.

Why and when did you start this website?

I started Blog URTUZ in October 2019. And I started this website as an outlet for my creativity and knowledge about digital marketing!

Where do you live?

I live in Helsinki, Finland. But I am originally from Tenerife, Spain.